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i'm not insane, i'm not insane ~ hahahaa.

[their songs are actually all about me]


● Bands/singers only. This is a music blogcrew! Any type of music is allowed. American, Japanese, German, anything! Yes, Vocaloids are allowed, you may claim Miku or Kaito or whoever as an artist. (though I like Rin best. |D)

▹Be sure to tell me the full name of your band/singer
▹ Three claims per user.
▹ One user per claim to start! First come first serve. :3 If I get a lot of people wanting the same I may open it up for more.
▹ Friends list/watchers can have claims that are already full (up to two per claim)
▹ No fighting, no drama.
▹ Put "come back to me, it's almost easy" in your subject line so I know you read the rules.
▹ Any questions, ask me. c:
▹ Watch murdersimulator for more!!
▹ First come, first serve.
▹ You may edit the codes if you want colors/fonts/whatever to match your layout. Just keep the link!

ALSO, it may take me a bit to get back to you. Feel free to take the code as soon as you comment so long as you've checked the list AND the comments to see if someone has taken your claim already. I don't have much internet access at this time, so bear with me please. I'll get back to you ASAP.

If you don't see a color you like here, why not try one of these colors? Just put them in where the other color is. If you need help just ask!





In A-Z order! CTRL+F!

30 Seconds To Mars lionhearter
AC/DC imperiums
AFI (A Fire Inside) havokpanda
Akira Yamaoka stygian_dream
Anarchy Club havokpanda
Arashi planetariumlove
Arioka Daikidaikiriffic
C.N. Blue polareese
Cobra Starship paperpilot
Dječaci mykonos2
Florence and the Machine a_lovesuicide
Flumpool daikiriffic
FT Island littlefuji
G-DRAGON bloodytheory
Ikimono Gakari yamachan01
Infinite italic
Jay Chou xaciel
Kanjani8 kazukiayuuma
Kobukuro kazukiayuuma
Koyama Keiichiro silver881
L'Arc~en~Ciel maitsukishiro
Led Zeppelin imperiums
LM.C xaciel
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn lionhearter
Matsushita Yuya daikiriffic
Michael Jackson mrpikolo
Minori Chihara osaka01
NEWS silver881
Nishikido Ryo nekoshoujo
Ohno Satoshi planetariumlove
Papa Roach havokpanda
Paramore xaciel
Rammstein kichiku_megane
Relient K paperpilot
Sara Bareilles starianprincess
SHINee polareese
SID osaka01
Sterling Knight visionarynotion
The Gazette vayaro
Tohoshinki maitsukishiro
U-Kiss italic
UVERworld maitsukishiro
VNV Nation lionhearter
Yasuda Shota kazukiayuuma
YUI osaka01

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